martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

A one on one

In this oportunity I shall write about a famous person or historical figure. Well, the person I would like to meet is Violeta Parra, for me she is a great woman. Principality I like her musical facet, I love very songs of her. It wasn´t only a fabulous singer-songwriter, too was painter, sculptress, ceramist betwwen others activities.
I would like to meet with her because I admire all her musical work and the differents things did in her life as many travels, incursion in differents areas, know differrents realities and others things.
I would like to talk about her musical inspiration and about how composed that lyrics so good. And I would like to know about of the cause her suicide.
I think meeting with Violeta because I love her music, above all the words her songs, for many people she is consider the first chilean punk obviously for me too. Her lyrics show a big social dissatisfied and a harsh way of look the reality.
She was a visionary because her lyrics still apply to reality. For that in her time was very criticism and underestimate. In change now she is very recognize internationality.
Violeta belong "El Clan Parra" is a family with very artists, many have dedicated to develop of the music and literature between others disciplines.
Violeta Parra suicided in 1967, it´s a shame because I think she would have been happy in the time of Allende.
This is my post about one person famous.
I hope you like.

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  2. wooo! great! I love Violeta Parra, she was a big singer, artist and woman.

    regards Carol :)

  3. Good choice!!
    i like violeta parra too!!

    See you at Fau!

  4. Violeta Parra.... she was, or .. she IS a big woman, I like her to!