martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


In this oportunity let´s talk about the strike. Well the last week our faculty were in strike, because with the current government the public education will be worst, since your politicals education are style privates. This is the general form because are many the problems have the education as the little support the states universities, also the current goberment want include the private universities in the boards of vice-chancellor, too the secundary education have many problems because almost all the municipal high school have a bad education above all if their comparation with the private high school.

So for this and for others things the students go to the strike.
I´m agree with the demonstrations because the cause are right but the problem is sometimes the strike is very extensive and we lose the class for various days, this is complicated above all now because this is the last semester and many times the class aren´t made up.

But this is the unique form in which the demand are consider a little more. Too we can´t remain without do nothing for something so important like the education.

Although the answers not had been very good, for the opposite because the policial repression has been stronger, until agresive with the students above all with our faculty.

Well , I hope the situation prompt is resolved and is reach a good agree for improve the public education because this theme is very important for all the people since all need a good education and of quality