jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

Free Theme Two

Well, Tomorrow we going to field trip for Rural Development, this I have very buring because tomorrow plays Chile and this game is very important. Too this weekend is long since Monday is holiday and we will be in field trip four days! I think that many days because this semester is ending and we have many things for do. So I am very concerned. Above all because the next Wednesday we have a dialogue in english and there not much time for study.
After all this I prefer think that this semester is finishing
I hope everything do well

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chile 1 Honduras 0

Well, this day is historic because many, many years ago Chile did not win a match in a World cup. The last time was on 16 June, 1962 exactly 48 years ago. That is too much time. I think not is coincidence today is 16 June, is part the destiny, because nothing is coincidence. The Chilean football needed a person as Marcelo Bielsa, someone so strict and rigorous with he.

I watched the game in my bedroom, lying in the bed, I was alone. The match was much early, therefore it was difficult meeting to watch.

The game in general was good for me, I enjoyed the game first time because in the second time I was very nervous, just wanted that finished the match. I think the principal problem was that Chile couldn´t score a goal. They reached the arc but they not scored a goal. Only scored one goal, but they had much oportunities to make more goals. I think that lacked "chupete" Suazo for convert more.

For me the best player was Matías Fernández, he maded goods plays and had more the ball. Too Arturo Vidal excelled out from the rest.

mmm I don´t know... But I didn´t like that changing Vidal for Contreras, Because the game changed, the Hondurans attacked more

The group "H", now is complicated because Suiza won to España, this was unexpected. Chile will not win the World Cup because the chilean football need more experience but I hope they pass eighths of end

Well, I hope the Chilean selection win the next matches

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

Free Theme

Well, this oportunity I going to talk about Football. All the people say: the lesion of Humberto Suazo (better kwon as chupete)is a lie. But these people talk without any basic because has not been said anything official. Also I think the Technical Director, Marcelo Bielsa not did play with that. But we have wait until they say something official.
This is my post!

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

The best holiday you ever had

Now I going to talk about the best holiday you ever had.

The picture is the lake Nahuel Huapi

Well, I remember the best holiday was over one year ago, specifically in the summer of year 2009. I went with my friend Nelly and your mother and your sister. We went for a tour, this tour was Bariloche and also toured Puerto Mont, Chiloé, Valdivia. Were about six days.
In Bariloche we were two days, We climbed a hill for a ferry cable and we see the beautiful lake "Nahuel Huapi", This lake is huge and very beautiful, I love it. Also we knew chocolate factory, and as manufactured. Bariloche is full of chocolate and in stores get you to try.

The picture is the island on Valdivia

The others place where we spent more time was Valdivia, in this place we were an island, there we had a typical big lunch, everything was very nice. This place is very pretty and had a lot of vegetation

I remember this Holiday because, it was very nice. I had never known many places. Also I have always liked the South and I went with my friend, what best!!!

This holidays were very nice

I hope you like it

My favourite geography subject

In this post I going to talk about my favourite geography subject.

Well, this semester I have only four courses so I haven´t much choice, because of these four only three are of geography. Of this the one I like is "Rural Development".
But this course is not my favourite. I think the other semester I will like the courses because I going to have courses as "Regional Planning", "Land Use Planning".

The teacher of course "Rural Development" is Martine Dirven, she is the Belgium and she work in the CEPAL (Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean)
This course I enjoy because is the most systematic, regular and with a clear logic. Also I think this course I learned much unlike of others.

Well, I have learnt this semester about the history, economic and relations of the rural communities.
The useful of this course when I become a qualified geographer, if I work in a rural areas, this course I will help much, but I don´t think I will work specifically in rural areas, although I can to work of way more indirectly.

That was my post today about my favourite geography subject
I hope you like it