miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

An ideal job

In this new post I shall talk about of a ideal job. Well this day I don´t have many ideas in fact I have many sleep. I only srping my mind the job of SIMCE because for a little time and they pay good.
I think would enjoy this job because it not takes up too much time, are only some days.
This job would be satisfying because is relatively easy.
This kind the job I have it one week ago and if I have lucky will have it again in two week more.
This was my first SIMCE and I hope not be the last.
A friend I said about the registration in time, it has to do quickly because is difficult after find vacant.
I think would it be better if they hire for a large period of time as a two years, in this way it would include three SIMCE second high school, fourth and eighth school then it would earn more money. Also sometimes have experimental SIMCE then is better.

The problem is when the children it treat badly. That is stressful butthe good thing is for a short time.
But this job is only occasional while I am student because after, I will work in my career and I hope can you hope in an area that I like, because is very frustrating to be working on something you do to really like.

I hope you like
See you in the FAU!

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  1. Did you take part in the English SIMCE?

  2. No, because this SIMCE was three days and I didn´t want to miss much of class.