sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

A Good Friend

This oportunity I speak about a good friend.
Well, My best friend is Romina, my friend all the life, literally all the life. We know each other since I have memory or at least eighteen years ago. She is my neighbor, we live very closer, her house is just steps from mine. Others say that we know playing in the neighborhood when we were very small. She is part of my life since I have memory always we have been friends.
We see each other often as once a week whe we are at the university, but in the holidays we see each other more. I get on well with this person because we know very well. We think similarly, we have great confidence each other, her family is as mine.
Well, we do things together as talk of the life, what we happened in week, also we going to see a movie or we going to walk, in other things.

The qualities that has this person as a friend are, be reliable, she can hear and advise when I have a problem, she knows me very well, for that is my friend.
This was my post, I hope you like it

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Why I decided to study Geography

Now, I spoke about Why I decided to study Geography.
Well, I knew the Geography career, only a few months before making the PSU. I liked very much of the diagram curriculum (courses), because is much variety, I didn´t know that a career could cover many areas and many interesting. That I loved, but as I had so many doubts about this career, Geography wasn´t my first option. My first option was anthropology for study archeology. But I appreciate being this career although I think it needs higher deepening and modify thediagram curriculum (courses).

Mmm the truth is that nobody help me take my decision, because I knew as late this career always had doubts. That if, My father wanted I studied at the Catholic University, but I don´t like that University.
The truth I never have had any regrets, besacuse I like this career and I don´t put myself into something else.

Well, I think that I would like to specialize in territorial planning because in this area can be achieved integration of the Physical Geography and Social Geography. I like a integration in the Geography, for me that is Geography.

So, I decided to study this career!

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Field Trip to Pichilemu

Well, in this oportunity I will speak about the field trip to Pichilemu.
This field trip was realized for the course "Gestión Integrada de Zonas Costeras"
The objective this field trip was investigate the social and cultural activities that identify Pichilemu.
My work group went to differents parts of the town of Pichilemu as Punta de lobos, Cahuil, Los Ciruelos, Pañul.
My place favourite was Pañul, is a small village where it is made crafts with clay. This crafts is very beautiful, I liked very much as also my teammates.
In this place I learned the way of life of these people. The important this activity for the people and as are identified with this activity.
I don´t know if I live in Pichilemu because is very only above all at this time that I don´t like also I´m used to living close to everything and that not happen in Pichilemu.
I hope you like this post.
See you soon!

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Review and Revise

In this oportunity I will review the blog of Cesar.

This blog is a little strange mainly for its photos, are as extravagant. This blog have six posts and each post have its photo in the total this blog have five photos and one video. The most posts have comments, above all the first post , have fourteen comments, is as beige and Brown at bottom too have small drawings.

I think the names of the classmates should order because had most disorder.

The tittle of this blog have little vision, because the colour is brown and loses for the photo.

I think Cesar should change the colour of tittle for we can to see, the rest is fine.

In general this blog is good, have several post although missing some post.

Well, I think through of this blog we can to know a little the life of Cesar.

I hope you like.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Reviwe Cesar´s blog

Flute Sopranino

Can be seem ridiculous ( WE), but their sound reassuring (V) even at the beasts, to me too. I,m talking about the flute sopranino, an instrument very simple that anyone can play. I´m one of those in anyone (V).
In my leisure I play the flute sopranino, because relax me and I enjoy hear my favorites songs played by me. Whenever i’m bored or stressed, I take the flute to play anything, any song that spring to my mind, as classical music, sound tracks of films or anything. I’m not a devote student of this instrument, is only a hobbie (V) of a (WW) amateur that love’s the (Not necessary) good sounds. Due to I play it in some ocassions when I want hear again a song that sound in tv, radio or in my mind.
I played the flute since the last year of high school, when my teacher of musical education lent me his flute for a year. I remember that I played with my friend from that time; he with the piano and I with the flute obviously. We played our love songs and improvised play from (Not Necessary) those songs. Was cool. Really I loved did (WW), because i thought that i was a musician, but when I listened me (WW), I down from my ideas (WW).