martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

My idea of a perfect day

Well, for me a perfect day would be with my boyfriend and my family. I imagine things as a family lunch with all the parents. In a place very nice without problems and shout.
I would like to go a one part with lot nature as trees, pasture and animals. The garden appear in the video is very pretty. And this places find it near a one beach calm without many people.
I would like to walk for this beach with my boyfriend.
Sometimes is not necesary a different places for have a perfect day, enough with smalls details for do a good day, for example: we don´t fight for stupids things, we don´t shout when are us talking and others things can it better.
Other way of have a perfect day is one day with good music everyday, I remember the "Cumbre del rock Chileno" or my first concert. These days were perfect days.
Also a perfect day would be a walk with my childhood friends in a place special as when we went a Fantasilandia.
I would like to travel a different parts, these days would be days very perfect for me, the problem is the money
Well, many times can us to have perfect days, but sometimes we don´t us realize. Sometimes we think to need many things for have a perfect day as much money but with little also we can us to do much.

I hope you like this post

2 comentarios:

  1. You're right!!
    ..a perfect day could be so simply!
    Take care :)!

  2. Hi Carol, I agree with you, the beach is a good place for a perfect day!
    Very nice your perfect day!!!