martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Visiting London

If I will travel to London I would like visit The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a exten botanic garden have 120 ha of extension. This place find it Southeast of London. This gardens are a center of botanic investigation. Also have large greenhaouses a herbareo and a library.
Kew is a more important place as a generator of seeds, is one of the most important banks of seeds in the world.

This gardens are a beautiful place for visit, if ever I go to London, the pictures are very pretty I loved it .
Called me the atention one station of underground is call " Kew Gardens Station" so is not dificult to arrive this place.

I hope you like my places chosen

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

My favourite game when I was a child

Helloo blogs and readings! in this new post I shall write about the games when I was a child.

When I was a child I played all the time, my best memories of childhood are playing in the neighborhood with my neighbors. I played a lot of games, I played: "chapitas", "pillarse", "bate" "tombo", "esconder la pelota", "quemadito" and other games. But my favourite game was "chapitas"! I loved this game, I never tired of playing this game because it is very entertaining.

This game involved in make two groups the childs and put ten tops of drink (of those bottles open with bottle opener) in the floor one on other and one group make one line and each member of group throw a ball for bring down the tops and when this drop everybody run and the other group have catch them throw the ball in their bodies, so are eliminated the other group and too impede they make the tower of tops and touch them throw again.
When I was children played a lot this game, all the time because as I said was my favourite, too was the favourite of de children in my neighborhood for that played it all the time.

I don´t remember who taught me this game, I assume it is something that trascends in the time only I remember played everytime this game. But the children in my neighborhood now don´t play it, is a pity. The problem is that children today act each day more with adults and they don´t have a childhood.

I hope you like my post!

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

The Greatest Chilean

In this new post I shall write about the greatest Chilean, mmmm I think this theme is similar "A one on one" because for me the greatest Chilean is again Violeta Parra, then I can´t talk again of she. I don´t now who could talk, today I haven´t many ideas in my head. I could about the winner of show "Los 10 Grandes Chilenos". This competition did three years ago (2007) and the winner was Salvador Allende. Although I consider should have to won Violeta Parra but the competition became very political.
Salvador Allende was President of Chile in 1970-1973. He studied medicine.
He was socialist but the communist too supported him. The principal recognition of his government is the nationalization of chilean copper, too his government implemented a measure for give free milk to children every month and continued implementing The Land Reform (Reforma Agraria).
I have heard speeches of he and I like because is inspiring and with a huge social conscience.
More than ask him something I would like to tell him sometimes not there trust so much on people because many times it´s not good. He was betrayed for some perons tahta he himself chose in yours position. One of these persons was Pincochet. Well everybody know that the happened.
For me Salvador Allende was a great person and with a many ideals is a shame to have died and in those circumstances.
Well this is my post of this week
See you later