martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

The Concert!

In this oportunity I should write about an exhibition, concert or sporting event you went to. I will write about The Concert!
The concert I remember is when I went to see Los Bunkers. This was four years ago and I don´t think would go because I haven´t planned, but I want to go. The same day of the concert I listened a program to the radio, there were giving tickets for the concert. The person would have to call and sing a song by the group also they should scream or cry. In those moments I decided to call, I didn´t think so much only I took the telephone, called and sang, then they told me I had won. Then finished the call I understood to had won one ticket for see one of my favourite group and gladden me very much. I never had to won something so was very excited for me.
For those days it would be the birthday of my best friends so I decided to invite her because too she like of group so I had to buy only one more ticket.

The concert were very good, we enjoyed so much. In this times I loved Los Bunkers and I knew all their songs so this concert were the best!

Now I like The Bunkers but not madly where before.

Always I will remember this concert because I won the ticket and I loved this group.

I hope like you the post

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Something interesting you would like to do...

Hello! had passed have more time whitout writing in a blog.
Well, this oportunity I will write about something interesting that I never done before.
I would like to go IX Region of Aysén, I desire to know this place, because is a beautiful and I want to know the river Baker before that install the dams, because this will change all the landscape of this beautiful place. Since have more time I want to go. For my, this place is one of the most beauty, also this river is the most mighty of Chile and have a color between green and blue is cute, this gives somethig special.
Would be ideal go to backpacking for this place, because is most adventurer.
But do this is complicated and difficult because firts, I don´t have money, although this don´t know the principal problem, because the big problem is "the permit", my family not would like that I go so far and practically alone. Too there that condidery one companion for let me go. This is other problem, because my alternatives of companion have not money and their parents are like mine... is sad.
I would like be more free and more determined for do that I want. Well is shortly to have more independence and do that I want.
But this is one of a many things that I hope to do someday. Too I would like to know Machupichu, the North of Chile, Buenos Aires, and many other places interesting