miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

Optional subject - Food

This is the last post, I hope it. Well this times I can to write about various topics as Love, Animals, Movies, Books, Food, Free times and others, but I had write about almost all less Love, Food and Animals. I want not about Love because is very corny, so I have to choose between Food and Animals mmmm I think about the Food. Everybody us like the food above all eat it. I like the rice, I consider is the best companion for all. I like companion it as tomato, tomato sauce, lettuce and I like to put it some of Merken I love it. I am a little "maños" with the food, because I don´t like any meat, practically I just like the chicken breast, I don´t like much red meat because it have much greasy and sinew. Also I heat the coriander because his taste is invade all. There are many things I don´t like but there is something that I ike very much is the ice cream!!!! I love it. My prefer taste is "manjar", orange, lucuma, etc. The taste that less I like is Chocolate, it I don´t attract much maybe because is common like vanilla. I like so much company the ice cream with the cookies!!
This is my post about the Food
I hope you like

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